The 2023 Porcupine Tree summer concerts are likely to be the band’s last

The Porcupine Tree concerts scheduled for this summer are likely to be “the band’s last”, according to singer Steven Wilson.

The band returned last year after a 12-year hiatus, releasing a new album “Closure/Continuation” which peaked at number two on the UK Albums Chart.

This summer, they’ll be on the road for various festivals, which Wilson says will be their last shows as a group.

In a New Year’s message to fans, he wrote: “First of all, a big thank you to everyone who enjoyed Porcupine Tree’s album and concerts ‘Closure/Continuation’ and my book ‘Limited Edition Of One’ over the year last.

“In 2023 my new album will come out, a 10-track, 65-minute musical journey that’s a bit hard to describe, but suffice it to say, it’s different again, not to mention totally pretentious (in a good way!) “.

He added: “In the meantime, Porcupine Tree’s (probably last) gigs will be a handful of festival shows over the summer, check the band’s routes for more.”

“There are a lot more exciting things happening (at least for me), but for now I leave with my best wishes for the year ahead, I hope it’s great for you.”

Singer/guitarist/keyboard/bassist Steven Wilson, keyboardist Richard Barbieri and drummer Gavin Harrison celebrated their return in 2022 with a European tour in October and November, culminating in a massive concert at the SSE Wembley Arena on November 11.

Speaking to NME about his new album, Wilson said: “We felt there was unfinished business. Our last album ‘The Incident’ wasn’t the best. We went into the cycle of album/tour/album/ tour, when it was always important to feel that there is a reason to make a new record, that it has to have its own personality, we managed to achieve all that, without any need to try.

“Actually, we started working on this album 10 years ago. It has taken so long partly because we have all been doing other things and also because, the more time that has passed, the more We realized that if we were going to come back, it had to be a big thing to feel fresh.

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