Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You’ve Done (Taylor Version)’ Stays in ‘Wilderness’ Trailer

Taylor Swift has shared a snippet of ‘Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor Version)’ in the trailer for the new TV series Wilderness.

The original track appears on Swift’s 2016 album ‘Reputation’, one of which she plans to re-record in full but has yet to announce.

Now, he is continuing his streak of releasing re-recorded songs in film and TV trailers. First, he re-recorded the 1989 song “Wildest Dreams” in a trailer for Spirit Untamed in 2021, and then got a first look at Taylor’s cover of “Back To December” in the new trailer for the second season of The Summer I turn beautiful.

Now, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ has been given the reshoot treatment in the trailer for Prime Video’s new six-part thriller.

Check it out below.

The series will land on Prime Video on September 15, and a synopsis reads: “The challenging ‘Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor Version)’ shows the transformation of Liv (Jenna Coleman) after her ‘happily ever after’ after’ to turn quickly. into a living nightmare when she discovers that her husband Will (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) is having an affair.”

” Liv becomes the protagonist of Will’s nightmares when he finds out about his betrayal, and another emotion quickly follows his anguish: anger. The couple goes on a road trip across the United States that Liv has been fascinated by since she was little, from the Grand Canyon to Yosemite, before finishing with a hedonistic weekend in Las Vegas.

“For Will, it’s an opportunity to make amends; for Liv, it’s a very different perspective: a landscape where accidents happen all the time. The perfect place to get revenge. Look what he did to her…”

Separately, Swift will release ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ as her final re-recorded album on October 27, 2023, marking the 9-year anniversary of the original 2014 LP. It can be pre-ordered here.

Since its announcement, streams for the original album have increased dramatically. Taking to social media, Swift called the album “her best re-recording ever” and teased five “insane” tracks from the yet-to-be-announced “From The Vault.” “I can’t believe they were left behind,” he said. “But not for much longer”.

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