Taylor Swift’s impersonator says impersonating someone in public is ‘terrible’

A Taylor Swift impersonator has admitted impersonating the singer in public is a “terrible” experience.

TikToker Ashley Leechin recently made headlines for appearing at The Grove Mall in Los Angeles dressed in clothes reminiscent of Swift’s ‘Red’ era, before doing the same at Disneyland.

People online criticized Leechin for the move, with one saying: “Taylor should sue them or get a restraining order against Ashley.”

Addressing the hack on TikTok, Leechin said: “This social experiment was living a day in the life of a celebrity to see what would happen if I came out looking like Taylor Swift and so on, from the videos to all you saw. [de] fans in droves, this goes as far as fandom will go.”

She said that although it was a “positive experience” for her, the intention was “not to be malicious [o] make fun of anybody,” he said the timing was “terrible” after calling the police the same weekend after Swift was harassed on the street at Jack Antonoff’s wedding.

“It was in no way a ‘malicious act’ & I want everyone to know that words don’t bother me,” she said on Instagram.

“Celebrities have often hired decoys in the past (many more than JLo and Ben [Affleck]). The amount of positivity I have received is greater than your negativity.

“This really shows how far fandom can go and the real possessiveness of some fandoms over celebrity.”


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Sorry for late post. A Day in the Life of a Celtic Person: Because it was Taylor, everyone is overreacting. quiet evening Thank you to everyone who was so kind and sweet yesterday. I’m not going to spread rumors because it doesn’t make sense. harass me because it seems like a cool thing to do in the ‘swiftie’ fandom but please don’t harass my friends because they were great to work with #itsjustashley #vicinthegame #taylorswift

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Leechin added, “Don’t expect me to turn off my comments, stop making content, or go away.

“The videos that are coming out are taken out of context and I just want to say to those who have messaged me and said very nice things, I see you and I thank you. The speculation doesn’t stand on this and you can finally enjoy your day”.

Swift was at a restaurant on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, over the weekend to attend Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley’s pre-wedding dinner when news of the singer’s attendance broke.

According to various reports and videos on social media, a large crowd of fans gathered in front of the Black Whale, where the police were called to bring the situation under control.

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