Tamako Market star in new adult movie

The Japanese producer Batsugun listed on the digital platform DMM / FANZA release of an adult film entitled “Ikenai Omorashi-gokko Minadzuki Hikaru (Do Not Let Peeing – Hikaru Minazuki), with the star actor Hikaru Minazuki (皆 月 ひ か る)which makes a cosplay of the character Tamako Kitashirakawa of the franchise Tamako Market.

The film is scheduled for release on February 10 with the code GUN-873lasting approximately 122 minutes and is described as follows: «Hikaru Minazuki is a beautiful girl with black hair who looks great in kittens and braids. In this kinky cloak, she is dressed in a cute l * li outfit and a strangely known school uniform and is subject to embarrassed incontinence. Incontinence of external detention. She is embarrassed as they pick her up and dye her face. His eyesight also appeals to how his pants become colored and how he hides just like a laser beam.».

Summary of Tamako Market

An eccentric but close-knit community of business owners is found in the Usagiyama business district. Tamako Kitashirakawa, a restless but loving teenager, belongs to a family of mochi bakers who own a great shop called Tama-ya. One day, Tamako encounters a talking bird that identifies itself as royalty from a distant land. Dera Mochimazzi, as he calls himself, claims to be looking for a bride for the prince of his country. On her mission, Dera Tamako continues home and develops an addiction to mochi.

Meanwhile, Tamako’s friend Mochizou Ooji continues to hide his feelings for her. Her parents are fierce mochi rivals, but is it enough to drive a wedge between Tamako and Mochizou? And what will happen to Dera’s task of finding her prince’s deer?

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