Tales of Crestoria video game to close for ‘not meeting expectations’

Namco Bandai Entertainment Announced the video game service for smartphones Crestoria Stories it will close on February 7, 2022 at 2:00 pm (Japanese Time) due to “the inability to meet expectations“And for the multiple criticisms that indicate that”a better end product was expectedThe story will not continue within the video game after the tenth chapter, but the company is thinking of other ways to continue the story.

«(…) However, since the service began, we have received kind words from many players who have greatly encouraged our management and development teams. We would like to thank these players for their encouragement. Between these words of encouragement, there was a sharper criticism in anticipation of a higher standard of play. As these words came from a place of love for the “Tales Of” series, we are working to improve the quality of Tales of Crestoria. We apologize for not being able to meet those expectations and for closing Crestoria»Write part of the statement.

Previously planned game updates are unlikely to apply. The video game was launched in Japanese and English in July 2020, having been delayed since 2019. It is a completely free title, with a micro-transaction option suspended until now. WIT Studio handling the animation of the game, and June Kumagai in charge of the outline of the story. There are character designers Kosuke fujishima, Inomata Mutsumi, Miyuki kobayashi Y. Daigo Okumura. Yasutaka nakata Y. Kamikaze douga They are in control of the visuals of the main characters.

The delivery inspired a fifteen minute short film entitled “Crestoria Stories: Wake Sin”Produced by the studios Kamikaze douga and distributed by Crunchyroll in the West. This short prologue adapted the video game for smartphones.

Tales of Crestoria Synopsis

In the world of Kanata, every citizen wears “truth orbs”, which allow them to condemn by popular vote if they commit a crime. Kanata is the only child of a respectable village leader who runs an orphanage, and has strong ties to Misella, a girl in his care. One fateful night, tragedy strikes Misella, and Kanata commits a great sin to save her. In an attempt to prevent Kanata from making the taboo, Misella is categorized as a sinner. Now, while persecuting both of them, they must choose between having their sin or letting their sin hold them.

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