Takahiro Sakurai, the voice of Tomioka, apologizes again for being unfaithful

In October of this year, the popular voice actor Takahiro Sakurai He was embroiled in an infidelity scandal. As reported Bunshun Onlinethe voice actress kept her marriage and affair a secret for ten years, that is. his wife didn’t know he had a mistress, and her mistress didn’t know he had a wife!

Although Sakurai, who is known for roles such as Arataka Reigen i Mob psycho 100Griffith in Berserkingand Giyu Tomioka entered Kimetsu no Yaiba; that he had already issued an official apology, he had to draft another now that his radio show was “PS Genki Desu, Takahiro” he also had to close down his operations. His writings are as follows:

  • My name is Takahiro Sakurai. I am very sorry to everyone who listened and supported the “PS Genki Desu, Takahiro” series, because I trusted you to betray my selfish behavior. I should apologize in my own words to everyone before, after the show. Sorry it’s taken so long.
  • It is entirely due to my irresponsibility that the long running program has come to an abrupt end in this way. “PS Genki Desu, Takahiro” is a program that was able to continue thanks to the help of the listeners and everyone involved. Many people believed in me and gave me their strength. I am very grateful to everyone.
  • I would like to apologize for making you a participant in my selfish actions and for disappointing you in your support and expectations. I am so sorry to everyone who has supported the show over the years.

As previously mentioned, Takahiro Sakurai had already issued an apology, but it seemed out of the ordinary.. That is, he had written a message that appeared to be composed of pre-written apologetic texts, such as “I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience my inappropriate behavior may have caused you.“Y”I will reflect on my own behavior and do my best to regain the trust I have lost.“, but, he seems to have written this new apology.

Of course, there were reactions in comment forums, highlighting:

  • «He asked me who will be the new voice of Giyu Tomioka».
  • «If you want to have fun with women, then don’t get married!».
  • «Too bad, I liked this guy’s voice».
  • «I think the problem is yours and not a third party’s to say anything else about it».
  • «What he did was bad. However, I wonder if it is all resolved yet?».
  • «The price to be popular, of course, it is».
  • «If he doesn’t announce that he will be back soon, it will be more difficult for him.».

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