Swedish House Mafia and IKEA Unveil Joint Product Line at Launch Event in Hollywood




		Swedish House Mafia and IKEA Unveil Joint Product Line at Launch Event in Hollywood

The Swedes took Hollywood by storm on Wednesday night with the unveiling of IKEA Limited, a limited edition collection created in collaboration with the famous Swedish electronic dance music trio House Mafia. The presentation took place at the Goya Studios, with typical IKEA food and personalized cocktails. The 20-plus pieces in the collection were exposed to the touch, so young people in the industry could touch, touch and sit on them, including electronic superstar Madeon, actor Ian Mellencamp and a group of influencers.

This gathering of Swedish titans is a natural that has been brewing since the college days of Swedish House Mafia members Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell and Steve Angello, the latter two present at the Hollywood event. During a Q&A, Angello said, “Growing up, we used to hack IKEA furniture all the time.”

He added, “We went to them to do something that would suit our young people. Something that we could provide to the public that was affordable, functional, and just a great product.”

“I feel like one out of every two people I know express themselves in one way or another, music, or just creating, on their laptops,” Axwell said. “With this collection, we intend to make that a little easier, make it a little easier and more accessible for them to make music at home.”

The items in the collection, which launches in October, are focused on music. (Ironically, considering this is a limited edition, Obergräsad is the Swedish word for “limitless”.) Aimed at both creators and consumers, the line offers products from study tables to shelves and stands for records, speakers, tablets and laptops. The offer includes an armchair, record and laptop bags, a smart accessory bag, a range of lighting options, a clock, a rug and slippers… and, perhaps of course, a record player.

The Obergräsad collection, in black, is inspired by the clean and simple lines of IKEA. Understated and geometric, it uses classic IKEA designs for desks and shelves as a starting point. The Swedish House Mafia sensibility is reflected in the way basics are modified; for example, the raised stands built into the desk for the speakers. Also, the height of the shelves is what you would find in a DJ booth, with easy access to vinyl. The turntable configuration brings the club to town with its practicality, allowing easy manipulation of the equipment, as seen by the DJ of the night, Bayli.

The stars of the Obergräsad collection are its accessories. The cuddly blanket, soft cushion cover, blanket and slippers are so rich they shine. The stylish lamps have a warm glow designed to inspire creativity, a stark contrast to the harsh glare of task lights. The jewel in the crown, however, has to be the iconic turntable. With a unique design where the record sits on a thick slab protruding from the base of the turntable, the genius lies in its minimalism, at a competitive price.

Remove flower/star logo on two white speakers

“We wanted to create a musical environment, put the music at the center and showcase the equipment and the music,” said Angello, “Our love for the physical and the craft of making music and vinyl played and growing up with that a lot. ” in our lives. Appreciating something is a beautiful thing and we wanted to give everyone that opportunity.”

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