Stormzy addresses the crowd at Chris Kaba’s March: “Carry on because you need the family”

Stormzy today (September 10) spoke to the crowd who took part in a London march to protest the murder of Chris Kaba and urged them to “keep going”.

Kaba, 24, was shot dead by a Metropolitan Police officer on Monday (September 5) after the car he was traveling in was flagged by an automatic number plate as possibly linked to a firearms offence. .

Police gave chase, with armed police surrounding the vehicle on a narrow street. Kaba was killed with a single gunshot, although a later search revealed that he was unarmed. He later died in hospital.

Police are treating Kaba’s death as a homicide and the officer who fired the shot that killed him is no longer on operational duty, reports the BBC.

Protesters are marching through central London today, demanding justice for Kaba and his family. Stormzy was in the crowd and gave a short speech outside Scotland Yard.

“I was hesitant to come here because I know that often, even with my name and the way the British media stays, they try to turn it into this other thing and use my name to try make it about me, but it’s nothing about me,” he said.

“It’s about us, it’s about the family, it’s about everybody’s grief. Chris has a mother, he’s got a family, he’s got brothers, he’s got friends, people he’s known all his life, for them, this is unbearable.”

He added that the “only reason” he was taking the microphone was that he understood and felt he should use the voice and platform his music career has given him.

Stormzy continued, “Someone said before I posted something here I want to reiterate, everyone here today, I encourage everyone to have stamina. I know that’s a very hard thing to say, because I didn’t Anyone should have the stamina to undertake a journey like this to find justice or to find answers, but when these people do these things, they get away with it.”

He urged protesters to keep up the pressure on the authorities, saying: “What happens is we do this once, and we get tired. We tweet, and we get tired. We do it on for a week, for two weeks, for a month, and they know we get tired.

“I encourage everyone, whatever your ability, to do what you can to help. But you will also have the stamina to move on because someone has been killed, that is murder. Carry on as you are needed by the family.”

Stormzy has often made headlines for speaking out about institutionalized racism and police brutality, and for racial slurs online. In a 2016 interview, he said it was “important for me to express my opinion” because he is black.

“If I see a situation and ignore it, I am very false. Because if I saw a situation and I felt anger, and I don’t express it, then I am part of the problem. So I have to show my part. something happens to me or my relatives to talk about, because that is not right.

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