Square Enix sends players ‘Final Fantasy 14’ to game jail for using mods

Square Enix sent two Final Fantasy 14 players to in-game jail after they were both captured using third-party modding tools.

Earlier this week (May 9), Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida released a new statement addressing the use of third-party tools in the massive online multiplayer (MMO) game. The statement clearly reads that “the use of third – party tools is strictly prohibited” and states that players who use them will see their accounts suspended or permanently banned in the event of a repeat offense.

Despite the new statement, some players are continuing to use mods, and just this week, moderators took two players streaming the game to an in – game jail for doing so (via Kotaku).

A player named Bagel Goose was finishing a raid with his party until it started and the ad “Game Master has removed you from service” was displayed on the screen. The streamer was then teleported to a cell in the game, and can be heard explaining the story to his group, until a Game Master is seen. Bagel Goose’s companion was shared Twitter Twitch is also banned for a week for “cheating in a multiplayer match”.

Another player called Hiroro was also teleported in the middle of the stream to the dungeon of Mordion Prison because he was using mods. Although the stream later deleted the movie from its Twitch and YouTube channels, screenshots showing the player’s prison sentence were saved.

A post from Reddit suggests that streamers were using people – oriented mods on message boards to ban them, with one post saying: “Hey, let ‘s see if we can ban these streamers.”

Final Fantasy 14 mods change their purpose, some may be for cosmetic uses to make the game’s HUD look different, while others are used to show useful tools in tasks like damage counter. While these mods do not necessarily mean that players are cheating, they are still against the rules of the MMO.

In the same Square Enix statement on May 9, Yoshida said the team plans to overhaul the current HUD so that mods for players will not be needed.

In other news, Starfield and Redfall are pushing back to 2023.


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