Square Enix relents and withdraws the censorship from its sleeves

The editorial Square Enix He has shared a message with fans who use the global version of his app LIGHT UP!. For those who don’t know, this app has been quite controversial since its release due to its unnecessary and obvious censorship. Countless black bars covered various images, ruining the reading experience.

However, the company has announced that all black bars have been removed from the catalog and all recommended content has been returned to its original, half-baked iteration. However, modification as a whole has not been completely ruled out for the future. The full message is quoted below:

  • Hello ManGA UP fans! Fans: Thanks for sharing your feedback on MANGA UP! We’ve heard your feedback and have released an update to the app that will remove the use of black bars from all content. As of today, it has been proposed to restore content to original art and overt content has been addressed through the use of obscuring or shading techniques that do not detract as much from the reading experience. In the future, we will do our best to modify the illustrations only when absolutely necessary and to do so as smoothly as possible for the story.”

And what do they mean by “less intrusive blurring or shading techniques”? A fan shared one of the panels of the manga Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (Game My Dress Up Jews), which shows that Marin Kitagawa’s crotch is no longer a big black censorship box, but the panel has been edited to leave the area white. On the left is the original panel, on the right the Manga UP! edition:

However, it’s worth mentioning that Square Enix hasn’t given up on its offensive tactics when it comes to selling content. It turns out that you have to pay to access all of the available chapters. That in itself is not a problem, after all there is no point in getting something completely free, but the offensive thing about the publisher is: separate chapters in up to four parts, each sold separately!

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