Spy x Family Insert Song TBD by Know Name Gets Lyrics Video

Insert a song from episode 5 of Spy x Family “TBD”By Know Name (stylized as (K) NoW_NAME) was revealed in full, along with a special video with lyrics that includes scenes from the episode. The video is actually a clip from the fifth episode of the anime, but without replicas of characters or other sound effects.

Spy family Episode 5 Insert the song “TBD” from (K) NoW_NAME

This sequence is the one in which Lloyd saves “Princess Anya” from the evil brain, while fighting the other spies. The whole thing was planned to celebrate Anya’s entry into Eden Academy.

(K) NoW_NAME is a band consisting of musicians, singers and illustrators. Shuhei Mutsuki and Makoto Miyazaki. who are members are credited for the music of the anime Spy x Family. Credits for “TBDThe song includes:

  • Vocals: (K) NoW_NAME: Ayaka Tachibana
  • Text: K) NoW_NAME: AIJ
  • Composer and arrangement of (K) NoW_NAME: Makoto Miyazaki

Studios CloverWorks and WIT Studio animate the adaptation of Tatsuya Endo’s manga. The anime began airing in April 2021 and currently has 5 episodes.

The manga began serialization in 2019 on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump + magazine platform.See Mediapublishes the series in English and describes the plot as:
Not a person who depends on others, Twilight must provide a wife and child for its mission to penetrate an elite private school. What he does not know is that the wife he has chosen is a murderer, and the child he has adopted is a telepath!

Source:Official Twitter
© Tatsuya Endo, Shueisha / Spy x Family Project

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