SPY x FAMILY and Paripi Koumei’s songs were the most popular songs of Spring-2022

Daiichi Kosho Company conducted a karaoke ranking survey of anime theme songs for anime productions. Spring-2022 (April-June) in your karaoke network dam. A large number of songs related to the anime were sung in this season. Among them, four songs from two highly popular and high-profile performances topped the charts in first to fourth place, reflecting their popularity.

Favorites were the opening theme of Spy x FAMILYMixed Nuts/HUGE DANDism“, which was first, and the last theme of,”Kigeki/Gen Hoshino“, was second. Spy x FAMILY, which attracted wide attention even before the anime adaptation was announced, is flying off the shelves, with the original manga having sold more than 21 million copies and a second part confirmed for October. Fans of the original manga were in charge of the musical themes and the music written in the image and likeness of the work has achieved a strong result.

Novel site and related music “paripi komei” fueled the success of the animation, which garnered widespread attention on social media. The opening theme’Chiki Chiki Bam Bam/queenship‘, with its memorable melody and choreography, and’Kibun Joujou ↑↑‘, a version of the hit song by Mihimaru GT released in 2006 as the ending theme of the anime, they received a large number of views on YouTube. Both songs have spread their influence over anime fans and topped the karaoke rankings at the third and fourth positions.

In fifth place is “GIRI GIRI / Masayuki Suzuki feat. Suu“, the opening theme of the latest series”Kaguya-sama: Love Is War – Ultra Romance“. Masayuki Suzukiwho continues to sing the theme song for this work, has gained recognition as an anime song artist and has widespread support from karaoke fans.

The full list is shown below:

  • 1. Mixed Nuts of HUGE DANDism (SPY x FAMILY).
  • two. Kigeki of Gen Hoshino (SPY x FAMILY).
  • 3. Chiki Chiki Bam Bam of queenship (Paripi Koumei).
  • Four. kibun jojo of 96 Neko, King Okay, Shouya Chiba,Y lease (Paripi Koumei).
  • 5. GIRI GIRI feat Suuof Masayuki Suzuki (Kaguya-sama: Love is War – Ultra Romantic).
  • 6. haru tsubame of Hey! Say! Jump (Love All Play!).
  • 7. Hoshi ga Oyogu of Macaroni Empitsu (Summer Maker).
  • 8. Move the Soul with JO1 (Gunjō no Fanfare).
  • 9. Honey jet coaster with (Kawaii dake ha Nai Shikimori-san).
  • 10. Frog with mechanism (Estab-Life: Great Escape).

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