Spotify’s new feature invites users to create a time capsule with a “playlist in a bottle”

Spotify has launched a new feature called “Playlist in a Bottle” which allows users to create their own musical time capsule to open next year.

The function invited users to imagine which song will be a classic in 2024 or what they think they will listen to this summer, among other options.

In January 2024, Spotify listeners will be able to open their “Playlist in a Bottle” to see what’s next.

To access Spotify’s “Playlist in a Bottle” feature, users need to make sure their app is up to date, then go here via their smartphones. It will only be available until the end of this month.

Spotify will invite users to choose their own time capsule, which can be a bottle, a small pocket in your jeans, a gumball machine, a lunch box, a teddy bear or an acorn. Then a series of questions will be sent which the user must answer with a song.

The questions are as follows: a song you would pay to hear again for the first time; a song you want to hear live this year; a song that won’t make sense in a year; a song that will be the song of this summer; a song that will be a classic next year, and a song that you are sure of was written.

Users must answer at least three questions by typing in their song or let Spotify choose a song for them at random. Spotify will seal playlists until January 2024.

“Playlist in a Bottle” is now available in 27 markets and 18 languages ​​for free and premium users of iOS and Android devices. Learn more here.

Meanwhile, in other Spotify news, The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” was recently announced as the most streamed song of all time on the platform.

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