Spotify has been accused of not responding to acts of white supremacy on the streaming platform

Spotify has been accused of a lax response to removing white supremacist content from the streaming platform.

According to a report from the Anti-Defamation League, 40 acts of white supremacy were hosted on Spotify, violating the platform’s rules against “dangerous content.”

The report found that Fashwave, an electronic music that reflects a white supremacist ideology, Rock Against Communism, a subgenre of punk that promotes racism and anti-Semitism, and National Socialist Black Metal (NBSM) were among the musical subgenres on these artists accepted them. fascism and white supremacy.

The ADL noted that some of these acts, many of which it says share links to “other extremist spaces” directly on their profiles, are “verified” artists on Spotify, licensing them to use the tools that built into the platform to help you. put your music on the playlists.

The report said that a Spotify search for the term Fashwave turned up 72 playlists created by users on the platform, with titles such as 14/88 (code white supremacist) and Right Wing Death Squad.

He also highlighted instances of algorithmic playlists generated by Spotify and curated for individual users incorporating white supremacist content. According to the report, this type of content thrives on the platform despite violating the anti-extremist guidelines of Spotify’s content policy.

An earlier report from February found that Spotify’s platform standards were weak and “loosely defined,” prompting Spotify to update those standards to “add a much more explicit anti-extremist policy.”

But the ADL said in its new report that “these rules do not appear to be strictly enforced” and that “Spotify still has significant work to do to enforce its new policy”.

Users who want to flag extremist content can only do so on the Spotify desktop app, although Spotify says it will add a reporting method to the mobile app.

In a statement to Billboard, a Spotify spokesperson said the company “takes concerns about content very seriously” and uses “algorithmic and human detection measures” to monitor content.

They also claimed that Spotify removed 12,000 podcast episodes, 19,000 playlists, 160 songs, and “almost 20” albums that violated Spotify’s policies against hate content.

NME has contacted Spotify for further comment.

Meanwhile, in February, Spotify removed dozens of episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience in response to backlash over the use of the N-word in previous episodes. The streaming giant also said it would add content advisors to all episodes containing COVID misinformation.

Rogan was recently embroiled in controversy after Neil Young demanded that his music be removed from Spotify unless the platform was willing to remove episodes of the podcast in which Rogan had spread dangerous misinformation about COVID vaccines.

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