Spanish country metal bands reminiscent of Mägo de Oz

It is impossible to talk about the musical subgenre known as country metal without mentioning Mägo de Oz. This is, by far, the Spanish group that has achieved the most success with these songs that mix heavy metal with folk melodies. In other words, violins and pipes are added to the typical uncontrolled bass drums and electric guitars, resulting in a combination that many users like.

If this is your case too, you must have been disappointed when José Andréa announced decades ago that he was leaving the group. Although it is true that the musician who replaced him is doing a very good job, there are many nostalgic people who prefer the first albums: The legend of La Mancha, Finisterra, the Gaia trilogy, etc..

Did you know that there are other Spanish bands with a similar sound? Indeed, since then they belong to the country metal genre that is quite successful not only on the territory of Iberia, but also in Latin America.

They have all played at highly acclaimed festivals such as the ones featured here Music Blog, being a good example called Rock Fest. This is a clear indication that we are dealing with established groups, above all because of their experience, although some of them do not have too many followers. That is why we believe that it is appropriate to mention them so that you can discover the great quality of your beloved music.


Of the three groups we will describe, it is by far the most successful. In fact, a few months ago he filled the Arena CDMX stadium with Mägo de Oz, playing in front of thousands of people some of his most iconic songs. By opening, they show that their musical style is similar.

But Saurom is much more than a group like Wizard of Oz. It has its own identity, starting with one of the best voices that gave Spanish heavy metal: Miguel’s voice. Sometimes it reminds us of the singer Pink Floyd, a group that participated in one of the best rock festivals ever.

Saurom knew how to reinvent himself. Their songs, although different from their first releases, have shown Fans of this band from Cádiz continue to fall in love.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Saurom is how good their concerts are, being on a par with the best concerts of other groups analyzed and described in the Blog Roll and Feel by Smoking Paper. In addition, at Saurom’s concerts, not only the usual heavy metal fans are seen, but also parents with their children, which shows that they are a family group without faith.

And if that’s not enough, in concerts they play songs that refer directly to the community in question. A clear example is the hit Dracum Nocte which they sing partly in Catalan and which they played at their recent concert at Salamandra Hall in Barcelona. They do something similar when they travel to countries like Mexico and Peru with the song Latin America Juglar.


Although it is true that Saurom is quite well known, there are other bands that are not as successful. However, they are the same or even better than the one mentioned recently, as Lépoka shows. Indeed, the two groups have collaborated such as the song Fiesta de la Cerveza.

Unlike Saurom, Lépoka’s group is more towards power metal. This makes the songs very strong, as well as the concerts which are not in short supply. head-hunting that attendees like so much. They are currently being funded through their own Patreon profile, as well as the sale of official merchandise whose design is similar to the design of some of the products’ t-shirts and sweatshirts. The best rap groups for free,.


She started doing covers of groups like Marea and precisely Mägo de Oz, but today she is the singer of a group that is growing more and more. We refer to Celtian, whose singer is Raquel Eugenio, artistically known as Xana Lavey. The female voice suits a genre like country metal very well, and this group is the best possible example.

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