Sound Euphonium: Ensemble Contest unveils a new trailer to celebrate the film’s success

Sound Euphonium: Ensemble Competition unveiled a new trailer to celebrate and thank viewers for making the film a big hit in Japan. The anime premiered in Japanese theaters on August 4, with Kyoto Animation animating the film.

Sound Euphonium: Ensemble Competition – Rating trailer

The main cast reprized their roles in the film: Chika Anzai as Reina Kosaka, Tomoyo Kurosawa as Kumiko Omae, Ayaka Asai as Hazuki Kato, and Moe Toyota as Sapphire Kawashima. Additionally, TRUE returned to the franchise by performing the theme song from the film titled “Ensemble”.

Sound! Euphonium is a light novel series written by Ayano Takeda and illustrated by Niki Asada. Takarajimasha published the first volume of the novel in 2013. A manga adaptation with illustrations provided by Hami launched the following year. The light novel inspired a television anime series that ran for two seasons, both of which were animated by Kyoto Animation. They aired from April to July 2015 and October to December 2016 respectively. The third season is currently in production and it has revealed a preview featuring the main character Kumiko Omae.

Yen Press licensed Sound! Euphoniumnovels in English and describes it as follows:
Finding herself, note by note… After a terrible disappointment at the Kyoto All Concert Band Competition, music has lost its spark for Kumiko. But her first year at Kitauji High School is a chance for a fresh start. So when it comes time to pick a club, she can’t resist rejoining the group – even though they’re just awful. The club’s strict new director has vowed to whip them into shape to reach Nationals, but the problem runs deeper than a lack of practice. Plus, the discord in the club drags out Kumiko’s old insecurities. Will Kitauji High School find its rhythm before the competition? Shall Kumiko?

source: Official Twitter
© Ayano Takeda / Takarajimasha / “Sound! Euphonium Production Committee

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