Sony announces senior director position for “PC planning and strategy.”

Sony appears to be hiring a senior director of PC planning and strategy, according to a recent post that came to light online.

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As detected computer player, Sony is currently hiring for a PC Strategy and Planning job. The job description states that the candidate will be “responsible for business strategy and activity within global channel sales and will provide a single PC sales growth and business plan, optimized for key teams and territories for implementation”.

It is noted that the candidate will work with a number of partners, with an emphasis on Epic Games and Steam. The responsibilities listed do not convey any specific trace of the games that Sony wishes to bring to PC and are more focused on corporate needs such as the development and implementation of the entire PC store strategy and process and the PC budget. to deliver.

In October last year, Sony officially created the PlayStation PC track for its PC game releases. Earlier that month, former Sony CEO Shawn Layden explained why he decided to bring the old Playstation console exclusive to PC: “The strategy we developed while I was there was that we had to go somewhere. those new customers, those new fans, “Layden said.

“Why not take one of our best – selling, already – hit games, which’s 18 months, 24 months … and bring it to the PC platform?”

Sony began releasing its first-party games on PC in August 2020, when Horizon: Zero Dawn it was released on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Next year, days gone by also released on PC, and Dia na War, from 2018, came to PC in January of this year. Also, the collection Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection It’s coming to PC later this year.

In other news, Ubisoft has officially unveiled a new shooter called Project Q after some leaks due to the surface match.


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