Sony and Nintendo Change Donation Renewal Policy Following Government Investigation

Both Sony and Nintendo are making changes to the way they deal with the renewal of their UK subscription offerings following a government-led investigation.

New users of Nintendo Switch Online will not have auto-refresh as the default service option, instead users will have to opt-out manually.

For Sony, the company will contact inactive Playstation Plus subscribers after an unspecified period, telling them how to cancel the subscription. If the service is canceled or not yet used, Sony will pause payments until activity resumes.

In January, Microsoft took the same steps as Sony for inactive Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass subscribers.

It was also confirmed that Microsoft will work to provide more transparent and streamlined information to help customers understand their Xbox subscriptions, clarifying, for example, that the subscription is automatically renewed if it does not. -customer shutdown; when the subscription will be automatically renewed; how much it will cost; and how the customer can get a refund after an accidental renewal. ”

These changes follow an investigation by the UK competition regulator, the Competition and Markets Authority.

“The industry investigation focused on subscriptions to online gaming services where automatic charging continues indefinitely pending a decision to terminate the contract. The MMF was particularly concerned that individuals could be forced pay for services they no longer wanted or used, “reads the CMA Website.

“As a result of our investigations, a number of changes have been introduced in this sector to protect customers and to help address concerns about automatic subscription renewal,” said CMA Chief Enforcement Officer Michael Grenfell.

“So today’s announcement concludes our investigations into the online gaming industry. Companies in other subscription-offering industries should automatically review their practices to ensure they comply with the law. consumer protection. “

In other news, developer Destiny 2 Bungie has announced a series of completely remote job openings as a pivot for digital work.

“Over the last two years, we have redefined the way we work at Bungie,” said Chief Executive Pete Parsons. “The transition to work from home was not easy, but the results speak for themselves. Today, it’s clear that the future of the digital workplace is not work: it’s already here, and we’re all there. “


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