Sono Bisque Doll promotes her first ‘professional’ adult film

The Japanese distributor DMM/FANZA listed the release of an adult film titled “Which Character Have You Converted? Wearing realistic cosplay and blaming your partner! Cosplay Dress Up Show 3 Person“, for next August 25 in Japan. The TikTok is the star of the tape Ichika-sensei (いちか先生)who has more than 170,000 followers, but the most interesting thing is that he cosplays Marin Kitagawa of Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (Game My Dress Up Jews).

In the main promotional image he is shown in Marin Kitagawa’s school uniform, but in the preview (what can be seen here, in Antojasai) shows scenes where she wears the swimsuit from the second episode of the anime and Shikuzu-tan cosplay. The company does the production FALENObeing the first “professional” film based on the franchise.

Finally, the ribbon will be available with the code FSDSS-433 and the summary writes:

  • “How would you like to be disturbed?” More than 170,000 TikTok followers attracted! “Through Ichika-sensei’s Serious Cosplay Show! Men go crazy for realistic cosplay! Drag a dick in a series of cryptic words and splash all the way to the male tide! After giving him a very tight Russian, she wanted me to be close to him so I moved my hips and rode her. Showing her hidden erotic potential as much as possible!

Sono Bisque Doll on Koi wo Suru Summary

Wakana Gojou is involved in the family’s traditional doll-making business, and is a reserved first-year student with no friends. With the painful memory of a childhood friend’s indifference to his interest, Gojou can’t relate to his classmates and hobbies, leading to isolation. Gojou hasn’t finished making the dolls’ faces yet, but he’s very skilled at making their clothes. Her skill with the sewing machine is soon discovered by her beautiful partner Marin Kitagawa, whose boldness and honesty Gojou admires and envies. He immediately shares his own hobbies with Gojou: he likes to dress up as erotic video game characters.

However, Kitagawa does not know how to sew her own suit, leading her to seek Gojou’s expertise. Drawn into the girl’s wonderful cosplay adventures, Kitagawa becomes her first friend who fully accepts her. So, although they are polar opposites, their relationship slowly blossoms due to their ability to help each other in the complex world of cosplay.

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