Sono Bisque Doll fans were frustrated ‘it wasn’t delicious’

This article contains spoilers for the manga “Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru”, reader discretion is advised.

When we talk about the most relevant romantic comics today, the manga Shinichi Fukuda, Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (Game My Dress Up Jews), is an instant choice for many. This is a real surprise, since about two years ago the general public did not pay attention to the work, and an example of what can be achieved when a good anime adaptation is made.

Believe it or not, Marin Kitagawa and Wakana Gojo’s story is of the seinen demographic, that is, it is aimed at young adults, just like Kaguya-sama: Love is War was in its time. For this reason, fans know that, at some point, the relationship between the two main characters will reach not only flirting, but also “delicious”, especially considering that the two had “very close experiences” at the time has passed.

And so we come to the long-awaited Chapter 94, where Christmas finally arrives in the manga story. It would be a Christmas like any other if we were not reminded in many previous chapters that Marin Kitagawa had decided to declare his love for Wakana Gojo and even achieve “something more”. For this reason, in previous chapters we were able to see Marin buying lingerie and even preparing for this moment that is expected not only by her, but also by the readers.

At the beginning of the chapter we can see how Marin went to put on her makeup, get her hair and nails done, spend Christmas with the Gojos. (Wakana and her grandfather), as well as thinking about what will be prepared for dinner for the occasion (which you have also been practicing for in previous chapters). However, everything goes wrong when Grandpa is confused by Marin’s attitude,and it turns out that the Gojo do not celebrate Christmas!

Doll Bisque Sono

Marin is completely disappointed, but still trusts Wakana to spend time with her. This hope is quickly dashed when we see the main character leaving his room, exhausted, as he works on an elaborate new cosplay for Marin. Gojo insists to himself that “everything must be perfect”, so that he does not taste much of the food that Marin has prepared for the occasion and leaves.

Dadeo explains to Marin that people who create things tend to be obsessed with recreating what they have imagined in their head, and she asks her to make sure she praises the things her grandson does. Marin assures him that she always does, so he tells her that Wakana is lucky to have her. After Christmas dinner, Marin leaves Wakana a note saying she put the leftovers in the fridge and leaves.

Thus ends the “smoke sells” arc, as the audience labeled it. This is not the first time that Marin’s plans to declare his love for the main character fail, but this result was unexpected since the drama repeatedly reminded that “Christmas is the promised date.” Although some are mad at the same way Marin was in the episode, others believe that this way is the right one, because focusing on two things in the same story (cosplay and romance) is not the right thing to do this point.

What’s more, Shinichi Fukuda reported that this arc of Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru is claiming more pages than usual for each installment., so he decided to publish only one chapter per month, and not one every two weeks, as was done in recent years. All this, of course, attracted comments:

  • «I don’t know why I feel like grandpa is about to die, am I the only one who believes it?».
  • «Well, everything went wrong, but at least Grandpa already gave his approval to the relationship between Marin and Wakana, or didn’t he already?».
  • «This arc is extremely long and tiring to read, adapting it into an anime series was a bad idea, so it will probably be in movie format».
  • «As a writer, I understand the need to achieve perfection in every aspect of your work. Humans are greedy by nature, so we can notice the smallest flaws in our work. I understand Wakana Gojo’s attitude as an artist, but he doesn’t like to see it as an audience».
  • «Devil Gojo! Could you please stop cosplaying for one freaking day?».
  • «This arc started out well, but it’s slowly going downhill.».
  • «Yes, I saw it coming. I feel bad for Marin, especially for everything that happened in the previous chapters, but at least she seems to have gotten the nod from grandpa.».
  • «Wow, she even bought red lingerie for the occasion. She was ready for everything, but Gojo did not care at all.».
  • «Even if one doesn’t celebrate Christmas, at least they know what the damn date is. Who’s going to believe that?».
  • «You sent him to cosplay you, he obviously won’t have time for you».
  • «Marin was ready for sex, but she didn’t realize she was courting a frustrated craftsman.».
  • «Looks like the receipt will now be delayed until they show the finished cosplay I guess».
  • «Oops, so I was sold smoke for about twenty chapters, dammit!».

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