Someone uses a photo of a voice actor on an adult site

Twitter user”ゆみちゃんまん (@yuha_3r)” he reported that he found “by chance” a girl named “Aoi Miyasaka (宮坂あおい)“on a paid dating site”Jiten girl“. The girl is shown a wonderful face and is described as beautiful, as she gives a description that writes: «Aoi Miyasaka, a girl with excellent style and a childish face. When you meet her, you can’t help but think: “Fine! It’s a success”. He has an excellent style, a boyish face and a very nice smile that he shows from time to time. She is so pretty and white that there is a feeling of transparency, and she has beautiful legs».

Of course, this is evident in the three photos he shares on the dating site (obviously also prostitution, since the catalog includes browsing categories such as “cumshot facial”, “fellatio”, “anal play”. Sure, the girl is very beautiful, but did you know that these photos are of a voice actress?

It’s about Liu! The energetic voice actor brings life Tang Keke in the franchise Love Live! Superstar!!. That’s right, the person who signed up to this site uses photos of the voice actor to promote themselves under a different name. In fact, it is a problematic situation that was immediately reported to the artist’s agency, although the listing on the site is still active at the time of publication of this article.

By the way, we had to navigate that site to page number 13 of the catalog to find the profile in question (since the user censored the name so as not to publicize the imposter, or the impostor ). With so much walking to find the profile, surely there was no way the user had found it, right?

font: @yuha_3r on Twitter


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