Some media believe that Hideo Kojima was the murderer of Shinzo Abe

French politician far right Damian Rieu misidentified the former prime minister’s alleged assassin Shinzo Abe as the popular video game creator Hideo Kojima in a now deleted Twitter post. In the tweet, Rieu claimed that the far left was behind the murder that took place during a campaign speech in Nara and included three photos of Hideo Kojima.

Two of the photos featured Kojima with images of Argentine Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. In one photo, Kojima is carrying a tote bag with Guevara’s face on it, while another is standing next to a framed piece of art. The misunderstanding went beyond Rieu’s tweet and on Greek television. A news item from ANT1 TV Greece shared the same film of Kojima, acknowledging that he was the suspected killer. ANT1 TV Greece He removed the video from YouTube shortly afterwards, but fans saved it for the future.

Police arrested the suspect Tetsuya Yamagami, 41, who lives in the city of Nara, for the murder of Abe. NHK reported that Yamagami was a member of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces for three years until 2005. News reports indicate that the weapon used in the attack appears to be hand-made, but police have not yet confirmed whether this is the case. .

Rieu, on the other hand, is a parliamentary assistant to the far-right French MEP and a member of the party. National Rally, Philippe Oliver. Rieu was one of the founders of the anti-immigrant group Generation Identities, now closed. The group participated in multiple maneuvers and violent attacks resulting in the arrest of several members.

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