Snoop Dogg becomes a playable character in ‘Call Of Duty’

Snoop Dogg is now a playable character in both Call Of Duty: Vanguard and Call Of Duty: Warzone.

The collaboration was announced last month and to become a rap heavyweight, players will have to buy the Tracer Operator Measure: Snoop Dogg for 2,400 COD Points ($ 16.79).

He paid homage to the battle royale on April 20 (4/20), not only is Snoop able to play now, but it also comes with his own in-game career.

Raised in Long Beach, California, Snoop Dogg realized he had a talent for rapping at a young age and began pursuing it as a career. Now he continues to release music and appear as a media personality on multiple shows, but in his free time, choose fight as an operator in Call Of Duty “, the entry reads.

The character also features unique vocal lines and a progression path, and sees a new trailer for the Snoop pack take out his opponent with a cigar and a bottle of champion.

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The Operator Pack also includes blueprints for three legends weapons: an assault rifle known as the West Coast Bling, an SMG known as the Tha Shiznit, and a sniper rifle known as the Bong Ripper, which fires grass-green tracked bullets.

The kit also includes a gold leaf charm (Mellow Medal), an emblem (The Original Gangsta), and a spray can (Advanced Art). Unlocking the package will allow players to make the ultimate Finishizzle Movizzle move, as well as give them access to the Toke Tactical game intro and hit This Fam MVP Hit This Fam.

With Snoop, players can receive bonuses for kills, headshots, hipshots, and wins. These bonuses unlock various XP and PPSH-41 XP weapon rewards, as well as two sprays, two operator phrases, a calling card, a sticker, an emblem, a weapon charm, a Vanguard exclusive killing camera vanity, and four alternate operator suits. .

In February, Snoop announced that he was the new owner of Death Row Records, the iconic record label where he began his career 30 years ago.

Earlier this week, he explained why he pulled the label’s catalog from streaming services. He also shared plans for the future of the newly acquired label, including the possible release of the track ‘Nuthin’ But AG Thang ‘as NFT.


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