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Citizen Sleeper is similar to Blade Runner, but you are a replica. A synthetic person who escaped from the municipality you built, and who goes into hiding in a space station that is now a pirate state, where there are revolutionaries, refugees and a gang of pirates. While you worry about your chase and dramatic shot in the back, you also worry about day – to – day survival.

Citizen Sleeper is a great way to motivate you to wear a routine. Due to what in Cyberpunk 2077 I only went to sleep if I tried to activate a side quest, here I lived in a daily cycle that included sleeping, eating, working and feeding stray cats. Some things were mechanically essential and some things were pure RPG.

Citizen Sleeper Review

Every morning, your body wakes up synthetic flesh and rolls a series of dice, each of which you can spend doing action. The higher the number, the better you will do. I may spend six on a job helping a local mechanic clean tangled solar sails from a ship, but I have got nothing more than 4, so I will probably do a modest job cleaning up the Rian section. weeds where I want to set up a mushroom farm.

The lower numbers are not unused, as is the other side of the station. In the data cloud, where your consciousness is free of synthetic meat that has to eat and sleep, you hack systems by throwing dice – but here it’s about hitting numbers instead of high ones. I can spend 1 to see what this agent is up to from a Yatagan gang, or I could sneak out of the data cloud and spend it working for a while at the noodle store, where even if I do a bad job on its at least, they ‘. ll let me eat some noodles and regain some energy.

So Blade Runner is not everything. Finally Citizen Sleeper reminded me of Planets, the series about workers who collect garbage in space. Like Planets, Citizen Sleeper focuses on ordinary people. Exploring each part of the station introduces new characters, portrayed in expressive anime portraits superimposed on the station, alongside blocks of text that tell their stories with moments of choice and interaction with consequences.

Characters include a botanist who studies the strange fungus that grows wild in the station, a bar owner who wants to rejuvenate himself, a shipyard worker who tries to leave the station to find a better life for his daughter and a mercenary. he had. a “ship mind” stolen. You never know who it’s worth befriending. Some people may abandon you, waste your time, or betray you. Who do you trust?

Citizen Sleeper Review

Their stories come to light over time. The UI tells you how many cycles are left until the next chapter starts, so while you wait you go back to work at the bar or farm stocks, explore the Rotunda or the Hub and try not to fall apart. Thanks to the corporation planning for dysfunction, you have a declining state stat. As it goes down, you have fewer dice to roll. Like a cell phone or a light bulb, you are not built to survive. The stabilizer you need to fill your condition is expensive and difficult to find.

Hunters put more pressure. The corporation or volunteers will eventually take you down, and every hack you make will give your smell a new imprint on the beastly AI patrolling the station’s cyberspace. In the end, it will be included.

As Citizen Sleeper progresses, you become better at exploiting its systems and finding solutions to these problems. I made money playing a game called tavla in Tambour Tea Room – as in many RPGs, gaming is the best way to get rich – and I managed to set up my mushroom farm. I even moved out of the container in which I was sleeping.

Citizen Sleeper Review

He began to feel that he was breaking the order of the Sleeping Citizens when he clearly discovered stories that had been available to him earlier, which meant that he did not have certain items or was not in certain places. Even before that happened, I got to build something before I wanted it, stole loads that never showed up in my inventory, and there was an Upgrade message available that stayed after I spent all my upgrade points.

A few typos and a few punctuation errors mark the text, although the writing itself is excellent. All the attention paid to the relentless life, the treasure hunt, and the persistence is the occasional glimpse into something incredibly powerful – perhaps a poetic description of the cloud of cyberspace data flows and the impossible entities that live there. , or the endless physical space in. who rotates the station, and the tiny people who have hope in it.

Citizen Sleeper Review

Citizen Sleeper has continents, some of which allow you to continue playing to find other advanced ones. When I was finished I did not see any attack ships blazing on Orion shoulders or C-beams blazing in the dark, but I had free vending machine AI, thwarted some corporate takeover plans, and renewed bar. I didn’t want to put it down, and I achieved the credits three times by finding multiple ends in one game.

That’s the best compliment I can give to Citizen Sleeper: it allowed me to build a life that I wanted to continue living. When I’m gone, who will pick the mushrooms? Who feeds that cat alley?

The verdict 80 Read our Citizen Sleeper review policy

An evocative life role-playing game that you will never want to give up.


Il n'y a pas de honte à être faible, la honte est de le rester.

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