Slayer Guitarist Kerry King Calls Band Split “Premature”

Guitarist Kerry King has claimed he is angry about Slayer’s “premature” split in 2019, after a successful world tour.

Thrash Legends, originally formed in 1981, gave no reason for the break-up.

In a new interview, guitarist Kerry King called the decision “premature.” Speaking to Metal Hammer about the end of Slayer, King said he felt “rage… what else? It was premature. The reason I say ‘premature’ is because my childhood heroes are still playing! It’s possible I still want to play, I still want to play, but they took that career away from me.”

He then called his long farewell tour, which began in 2018 and ended in December 2019, “a pain in the ass.”

“We went to these places where we have all this history. It’s annoying to think, ‘I’m not going to see my friends there again.’ You want to come to that country and you knew you were going to see them. people, and you would see them every year. “I haven’t seen them for three years now. That’s terrible. And so do the fans. Slayer means a lot to our fans, and they mean a lot to us. I know. I will see these people again, but Slayer’s absence leaves a huge void.” for many people.”

King continued: “But anyway, in the next chapter, I think. We were on top of the world, and there’s nothing wrong with leaving on top of the world, it’s a good way to go. So bravo for that. But do I miss playing? Yes, of course.”

In 2021, King said that Slayer “dropped him too soon”, but is currently working on a solo project. He previously said that former Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph would be in the project and that the group’s release would be delayed due to the pandemic.

Speaking to Metal Hammer, King said his new solo project will target Slayer fans. “If you know my work, you know how it will sound,” he said.

Last year, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine said he wanted to do more shows with the other “big four” of thrash metal. [Metallica, Slayer y Anthrax], but admitted that Slayer would have to “come out of retirement”. This comes after Slayer’s manager said he wasn’t “feeling” a reunion.

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