Skindred says it feels “like David and Goliath” in the battle for the first number one album in its history

Twenty-five years after their formation, metal band Skindred are on course to score their first UK number one album.

However, it’s a very close contest, and the band have revealed that they feel “like David and Goliath” in the race for the top spot on the charts.

The push to top it comes after his eighth and final studio album, ‘Smile’, was released last Friday (August 4) via Earache Records.

On Wednesday (August 9), it was revealed that the LP is their most popular release to date and is on pace to become their first number one since they formed a quarter of a century ago. However, it’s still very close to that because by mid-week, the group were in a head-to-head race with The Sherlocks’ album ‘People Like Me and You’ and Cian Ducrot’s debut album ‘Victory’ .’ and only 500 units separate the three.

Now, with the official announcement of their chart-topping album later today (August 11), the band have revealed what it would mean to them to reach the top.

“We’ve been number one for two days and we’ll keep pushing like crazy until Friday,” frontman Benji Webbe said in a chat with The Official Charts on Tuesday (August 8). “We feel like David and Goliath, we are asking all our fans and friends to push the album forward.”

“I really feel like we have something to say and something to offer the world that hasn’t been done before, like Skindred has.

“That thing about bringing black and white people together, lifting people up and saying, ‘Come as you are.’ We hope that people will give some kind of hope,” he added. “We’ve been doing this for years, and it would be great to have the biggest platform on the planet to do it.”

Part of the album’s success stems from the band’s resurgence on TikTok earlier this year, with a viral dance trend from their 2005 single “Nobody” inspiring a new generation of fans.

Furthermore, after the members got their first number one album, the metal community also showed their support. Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo and Disturbed’s David Draiman are some of Skindred’s supporters, along with Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello.

Of the famous faces that inspired fans to buy “Smile,” drummer Arya Goggin said (via Kerrang!): “Rage Against The Machine had their own infamous chart battle against a major label artist, so it’s great to have their support in our number one application”.

“The rock, metal and alternative music community has joined us from day one and we’ve seen it slowly grow [y] consistently for the past 24 years,” he said. “They’ve supported us every time, from playing the smallest venues to the main stages of festivals around the world.

“They’ve always supported us and treated us like family, so it’s great to see their support now that we want to take on the major labels in our quest for a UK number one album after 24 years .”

Earlier this summer, Skindred opened for Kiss’ last UK concerts, between June 3rd and July 8th, and also played at this year’s Glastonbury.

In October and November this year, the band will also be touring to celebrate the new album. Three concerts have also been announced for 2024, one of them at OVO Arena Wembley. Find the remaining tickets here.

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