Skepta addresses his stomach related health issues

Skepta has opened up about his experiences with stomach related health issues.

The rapper/producer was admitted to the hospital last month due to an undisclosed illness, according to In an image taken from her bed, she asked her followers to “pray a little for me.”

Soon after, Skepta hit the road again to perform at events such as Portugal’s Rolling Loud and Sun Festival 2022.

Yesterday (August 9), the Boy Better Know star shared his experience dealing with various stomach issues: “Through song lyrics or word of mouth, some of you know I’ve had IBS/stomach ulcers/problems since my twenties,” He began.

“Besides not being able to maintain a stable weight, depression, short-term memory loss, it also controls my moods, which came to run my life.”

Skepta explained that he had previously had an endoscopy, but said “nothing was found.” However, he explained that he still has “sharp waves of pain” in his stomach.

Skepta's statement about suffering from IBS

“So I think the next thing I need to do is book an MRI, but if anyone has any experience or advice on this sort of thing I’d love to talk,” continued Skepta.

“Strength is a common symptom for anyone who has had to deal with stomach issues kmt smh internal fights, mood swings, losing things etc, but don’t let it ruin your life.”

He concluded the message by urging those with similar symptoms to “please seek help.” You can see the post above.

Skepta released their fifth and most recent studio album, ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’, back in 2019. In a four-star review, NME said: “This sounds like a record by a rapper with a gallon of creative juice in the tank. “

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