Shuuhei Yabuta suggests that the anime industry needs quality management

Shuhei Yabuta, director of 3D animation on projects like Shingeki or Kyojin (Attack on Titan), Without Game Without Life and CEO Saga Vinland, posted a series of updates on Twitter noting that no “quality management system“Certifies that it is an animation project”meets a set of minimum requirements in order to be considered of sufficient quality to be broadcast on television and distribution networks“.

«The quality of the anime title cannot be determined by TV networks or any other distribution services. And the creation studios play an important role in supporting the creators, but that is not the decisive factor in determining the quality of the episode.“, wrote.«Even in such a dynamic industry that produces so many anime titles every year, unfortunately there is no system in place to stabilize quality and no business model to invest in studios and creators.», He said.

«If you came across a great anime episode today, I think it's because of the lucky contacts of the creators and the unconditional passion of some of them. I'm not pessimistic and I'm not giving up. For fear that», He concluded. One of his fans asked him: «If you were in charge, what changes would you make to the business model to outsource and maintain quality? Maybe finish the programs completely before the broadcast window? Moving animators' rewards to an hourly base or salary?». Yabuta replied: “The fundamental problem is that the industry is not able to fully analyze how quality affects business results. I believe that the possibility of achieving planned success that is not accidental will determine the future investment of the titles.».

Shuuhei Yabuta also responded to fans who asked him about rumors that animators are underpaid in Japan: “To answer this question clearly, creators need further discussion. Is it “reward for the job” or “job for the budget”? I have no doubt that we have a duty to work, but it is also true that we cannot give up on quality». In the latter, Yabuta refers to the fact that there is a dilemma if salaries are low due to the quality of animation in general (that one or two sets each season is a good animation that makes no difference) is poor, or the quality of animations is generally poor due to low wages. What should be repaired first?

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