Shumatsu Train Doko he Iku? Anime Reveals 2024 Premiere, First Trailer and Visual

The previously announced Shumatsu Train Doko he Iku? anime will premiere next year, as announced with the first trailer and new visual. Studio EMT Squared is animating it under the direction of Tsutomu Mizushima.

Shumatsu Train Doko he Iku? anime – First Trailer

The updated cast lineup includes Chika Anzai as Shizuru Chikura, Azumi Waki as Hoshi Nadeshiko, Erisa Kuon as Reimi Kuga, and Hina Kino as Akira Shinonome. Meanwhile, Asako Nishida is doing the character designs and Michiko Yokote is in charge of the series composition.

The Shumatsu Train Doko he Iku? (Where Does This Train Go?) anime was first announced in October 2022 by Kadokawa. Mizushima, who is directing the original title, has directed various anime titles such asAnother, Shirobako, Girls und Panzer (TV anime and the movies),xxxHOLiC,Blood C, Prison School, The Magnificent Kotobuki, and more.

Shumatsu Train Doko he Iku
Shumatsu Train Doko he Iku – New Visual

According to the official website, the anime will follow the story of Shizuru and her friends as they find themselves riding an abandoned train, which suddenly starts and takes them to a new town. From there, the quest begins for Shizuru and her friends to find out what lies ahead of these train tracks.

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