Shueisha Wants To Know What Manga Pirate Sites You Are Reading On

The service SLEEVE Plus from the publisher Shueisha it allows fans to read a selection of manga that is legally translated into Spanish, but many of the selections are limited to listing the first three chapters of the work and the three most recently published chapters. so it’s practically a service “to go to the day“instead of”read full“labor. Of course, there are exceptions for finished works to read, although this is limited to special occasions.

But today we are not here to advertise this service, but to comment on “MANGA Plus User Survey”You recently started. This survey is available at this link in English, Spanish, Thai and French via the “Google Forms” tool, but there is one question in particular that stands out.

In one of the articles, the editorial section asks: «Have you ever read a manga on a pirate site?», And in the next section asks the user to specify the names of the manga piracy sites they use.

However, apparently the editorial department is trying to find out why users decide to eat manga by unofficial means, as in the sixth question they ask the user about the content.


The questionnaire does not only refer to piracy, the eighth question asks: «What would you like to see improved in MANGA Plus?», And the first option writes:«Updating compared to pirate sites is slower».


Later, in the fourteenth question, it is pointed out that users can read full manga (English version only) on MANGA Plusand if the user replies “I did not know, I did not know it“, Then one of the options in the fifteenth question describes:«Because I read it on pirate sites».

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