Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 5 Revealed Videos and Images

The rise of the hero of the shieldSeason 2 The preview video for episode 5 was released on the official KADOKAWAAnime channel on Youtube on Monday – the preview images were also released on the official website. Last week’s episode gave hope for this much-needed turnaround. And it seems that the fifth episode is ready for presentation with Ost as the main focus.

The Rise of the Shield Hero, Season 2
The Rise of the Shield Hero, Season 2, Episode 5, Image Review

Since the end of the first episode of this season, Ost has always been an interesting person. It’s constantly shrouded in mystery, but it’s also a pretty quiet centerpiece for the second season so far. Some might argue that it is the only reason the second season is relatively interesting. But with many questions still remaining from episode three, it seems that episode five is ready to shed some light on Ost and everything around her and the Turtle Spirit.

Hirata Takahiro (episode two) will direct and will direct episode 5. Suva Masahiro (episode 3) will reprise her role as the main director of the animation. And Koyanagi Keigo will remain a screenwriter.

The rise of the hero of the shieldSeason 2 stays in the top 10 in our weekly surveys for the first three weeks. But after a disappointing episode, he dropped out of the top 10 in the fourth week. However, after a strong comeback in the fifth week, The Rise of the Shield Hero, Season 2 has a chance to return to the top 10! So do it be sure to vote for the series in our fifth week and return Shield Hero to the top 10 !!

Episode 5 ofThe rise ofShield heroSeason 2 will air on Wednesday, May 4, atCrunchyroll.

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