Shares Declan McKenna Limited’s’ Elephant Charity Single Edition

Declan McKenna has shared his new track “Elephant”, and the money from it will go to charity, though it will only be available for two weeks.

Described by McKenna as a show, “Elephant” continues the dystopian themes of the sophomore 2020 album “Zeroes” but takes things further, embracing more industrial imitation.

The song is available until May 6 and at least £ 1.30 of the £ 1.99 price goes to Brian Eno’s climate change charity, EarthPercent. Check out the song here.

Announcing it on Twitter, McKenna wrote: “A new ‘Elephant’ track is available on Bandcamp for the first 2 weeks only. Pay what you want.”

This is the first new material released by McKenna from the 2021 indie single ‘My House’.

Founded in 2021 by Brian Eno, EarthPercent aims to “provide simple and innovative ways for businesses and artists to donate to the most influential organizations facing the climate emergency.”

On Earth Day (April 22), EarthPercent has shared a list of exclusive songs – including live versions, collaborations and unreleased songs – donated by artists such as Coldplay, Michael Stipe, Anna Calvi and JARV IS … by Jarvis Cocker.

Proceeds from the sale of these songs will go to fund EarthPercent’s five key areas of work: “green music, energy transfer, climate justice, legal and political change, and nature protection.” You can learn more about EarthPercent here.

“EarthPercent’s Earth Day campaign on Bandcamp brings together artists to offer exclusive tracks to their fans, for sale on behalf of climate justice and environmental protection organizations. This is what it means to unleash the power of music in the service of the planet,” Eno said in a statement before comparing it to the “Free Nelson Mandela” movement and Rock Against Racism.

In other news, it has been confirmed that Declan McKenna will appear at Glastonbury 2022 alongside pioneers Paul McCartney, Kendrick Lamar and Billie Eilish.

In addition, on May 2 he will give a show at the Royal Albert Hall in London, supported by a band including Alfie Templeman and CMAT. Get the tickets here.


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