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Now you can generate cute anime girls (waifus) like what many have done with the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) enabled website,”Make GirlsMeitherand. Details such as hair color, hairstyle and eye color can be modified. And most importantly, you can provide image “noise” so the result is completely yours.

The website was brought online in August 2017 by a Chinese student at Shanghai Fudan University. The student, who identified himself as Jin Yanghuadecided to make the whole project open source on Github. The generated images aren’t great, but most of them look good, with some images looking a bit distorted.

Jin said he did all this with reinforced machine learning. His code was based on a neural network framework called “Chained“, but Jin changed the framework to suit his own needs. Since its launch, many people have been actively sharing their creations on Twitter, most of them Chinese and Japanese, who were surprised by the rapid performance of the program. «It’s the ultimate tool to generate waifus!», stated a popular comment.


The existence of this website shows that the AI ​​industry is no longer just a bet on the future of big companies, it’s an interesting game that everyone can play. More and more AI tools are being developed, and some of them are very easy to use, allowing non-professionals to join the game.

In China, major companies like search engine Baidu and gaming giant Tencent are trying to create easy-to-use AI frameworks, hoping to attract more developers to work on their platforms. There is currently no leading company in China’s AI circle, so the platform war can be very intense.

Another reason this image generating site goes viral is moe culture. In the world of Japanese animation, “moe” is the word for “cute.” Anime lovers today use this word every day to show their love for people and things.

Chinese anime fans also find this word interesting and use it often. So moe culture basically means things related to anime, manga, and other “two-dimensional” art forms. People who appreciate moe culture in China are usually in their 20s or even younger. Boys and girls are famous for spending more money on things they love.

For example, they like to travel to anime events more often than others. According to a recent report by Chinese travel service Mafengwo, 42 percent of people under the age of 27 plan to travel to places where anime and movies are made. This could be a great market opportunity for the travel business.


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