Series of Yu-Gi-Oh! ‘Intestine players’ will be banned if they do not improve their smell

The IS “CS Analog Sports (ア ナ ロ グ ス ポ ー ツ cs)”Is a Trading Card Games competition event (Trading card games) which specifically targets the multimedia franchise of the Yu-Gi-Oh!. However, the organizing committee recently issued a press release stating that complaints had been received about “players with bad body odor“, So bad that it disturbed the opponent. This has resulted in a decision that if any future players are reported, they will be barred from future events.

«Thank you for your recent visit to Analog Sports CS (ア ナ ロ グ ス ポ ー ツ cs)! For some time now we have heard from some competitors that XX-san (player name) has a bad body odor. However, in the last issues of “Analog Sports CS”, management received a formal complaint about body odor. The victim said she felt insulted for a while because of the smell. So, as long as there is human suffering, we must take the appropriate measures.».

Continue: “In light of the above, we have discussed with management: “We would like to remind players who have reported that their body odor is too strong, and we regret to inform them that they will be banned if their body odor does not improve or if they report body odor too strong again.“. This is not an enjoyable experience for the management or the person involved. We would be grateful if you would attend this event with a minimum of etiquette so that it does not happen again. Thank you for your continued support of Analog Sports CS and our “Analog Sports” YouTube channel.».

Overview of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Stalkers usually target a weak and weak person, someone like Yuugi Mutou. The beautiful friend of his youth, Anzu Mazaki, is always there to protect him, but he cannot rely on her forever. Katsuya Jonouchi, who is almost always with his oral sparring partner Hiroto Honda, does not seem to be a bad guy, although Yuugi is always in trouble. But above all, Yuugi wants to have a true friend who understands it and never sees it. Yuugi Treasures Millennium Puzzle, an ancient Egyptian artifact taken to his grandfather's game shop.

Believing that the puzzle will solve his desire, he completes the puzzle, releasing a new personality within him: the soul of the “King of Games.” Dark, complex, strong and reliable, the new personality named Yami Yuugi is the complete opposite of Yuugi. In the face of any injustice, Yami Yuugi takes possession of Yuugi's body and forces the opponent to take part in a “Shadow Game”. The stakes are high, for the one who loses the darkness that dwells in his own heart will have to taste.

Fountain: Otakomu

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