SennaRin singer to debut in 2022 under the Hiroyuki Sawano tutelage

Sony Music Labels announced on December 21 that the singer was 20 years old SennaRin will kick off in a big way with his first EP (Play Extended) in the Spring-2022 season (April-June) and his first four songs on the EP (Extended Play) will be performed with Hiroyuki sawano, best known for his soundtrack work for Unicorn Gundam Mobile Suit Y. Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan).

SennaRin He was born in Fukuoka Prefecture. She has a catchy voice with a distinctive low tone and a sense of transparency, and is also a versatile lyricist and illustrator. His lyrics and illustrated works are credited with the name “茜 雫 凛”(Also read as“SennaRinHis cover song videos ()covers) have been viewed more than 55 million times on YouTube to date.

Sawano rang with a voice SennaRin by an employee of his record company and decided to produce it. She's ready to release four collaborative songs, which is unusual for an artist about to get started. One of the four songs, “Dust“, Seems like a main theme Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Gaikotsu (The Legend of the Galactic Hero: The 3rd Season New Thesis), the upcoming third season of the new anime adaptation of the science fiction novel series with Yoshiki tanaka. The song can be heard in the promotional video for this project.

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