Seiyuu Suguru Geto begins to grieve for being unfaithful

On the official site for the anime original project of GoRA and King Records, Ayaka: A Tale of Bonds and Woundsthe voice actor’s final departure was announced Takahiro Sakurai as a character’s voice Haruaki Karumaone of the protagonists. The production explained that the decision was due to “various circumstances”, and that they will reveal the new manager soon.

In October last year, popular media Bunshun Weekly He reported that Sakurai was involved in an unfaithful relationship for at least ten years with the writer of his program “PS Genki Desu. Takahiro”, and at the same time to reveal that he was married. Following this report, Sakurai’s talent agency, called “Intention,” issued a press release confirming the report and apologizing to those involved in this whole scandal. However, in January of this year, the Weekly Bunshun reported that there was a third woman with whom Sakurai was having a simultaneous relationship.

Previous cases suggest that, at least in Japan, men tend to be “less affected” when infidelity is discoveredso the case of tatsuhisa suzukiwho was unfaithful to Lisaperhaps it was just an exception to the rule considering how big his wife is in the world.

However, this notice has been replaced Takahiro Sakurai A lead role is really a surprise, and it makes many wonder what will happen to his other lead roles such as Giyu Tomioka in Kimetsu no YaibaArataka Reigen in Mob psycho 100Griffith in Berserkingand Suguru Geto entered Kaisen jujutsu, to name a few. In fact, fans of Kimetsu no Yaiba They already understand that it could be replaced, some hints were given by the production when he celebrated his character’s birthday.

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