Scottish singer signs record deal after ‘Complex’ viral success on TikTok

Scottish singer-songwriter Katie Gregson-MacLeod has signed with Columbia Records, after getting 100,000 views on her 45-second clip on TikTok. Check out the video for “Complex” below.

After posting ‘Complex’ on the app with the caption “here’s my savior complex” on August 5, the singer woke up the next day to comments from Gracie Abrams, Lennon Stella and Maisie Peters. Now, four weeks later, he is officially recording an album.

“I posted 45 seconds of the new song after writing it a few days before,” Gregson-MacLeod told BBC Radio Scotland. “I’m always posting clips of new compositions to see what happens and this one exceeded my wildest dreams.”

He continued: “I woke up completely mad. It was early, I think 6 in the morning and I saw it had over 100,000 views.”

The song is already on streaming platforms and has surpassed 3 million listeners on Spotify in less than a week.


This is my song from the savior complex #fyp #originalsong #singersonwriter

♬ complicated (demonstration) – Katie Gregson-MacLeod

On the slow piano ballad she takes, she sings, “I’m wearing his underpants / I’m a good wife / We won’t be together / But maybe in the next life.”

Complex” continuously growing in visits and attracting the attention of major labels. At one point, meetings were organized between the labels and the singer, in the cafeteria where she worked: “They were at a table each,” she said, ” Three record labels in my little coffee shop. I thought ‘this is surreal'”.

Gregson-MacLeod has decided to postpone her final year of history studies to focus on music, telling The Press and Journal: “This song has the potential to live a long life, I want to give it its moment.”

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