Scooter Braun’s role in Demi Lovato’s directorship is amid an exodus of clients. And your other TV and film projects?




		Scooter Braun's role in Demi Lovato's directorship is amid an exodus of clients.  And your other TV and film projects?

After several days of negative headlines about the exodus of his customers, Scooter Braun needed some good press. So, on August 29, the Daily Mail published an article with the following headline: “Scooter Braun’s record label teams up with billionaire David Geffen’s ex-label to create LATEST ‘global girl group’; talent search docuseries for Netflix.” Braun has nothing to do with the series.

That Netflix project comes from K-Pop powerhouse HYBE and Geffen Records, which was announced last month as a global girl group audition doc set to premiere in 2024. Braun is CEO of HYBE America. Although one of Braun’s direct reports is overseeing the project, Braun clearly had nothing to do with the series. Netflix and Braun declined to comment.

Braun has a dozen announced film and television projects in development, most at Netflix and Amazon.But Braun is now involved in a previously announced Hulu project: a documentary marking the directorial debut of his former client, pop star Demi Lovato.

Lovato is directing the Hulu documentary “Child Star,” a passion project that will explore the highs and lows of growing up right now through the lens of some of the world’s most famous former child stars, including Lovato herself. . Lovato and her team have recently been recruiting participants for the documentary, emailing high-profile former child actors. The email, obtained from , reads: “We understand that discussing these matters can be sensitive, and I assure you that the utmost respect and discretion will be maintained throughout the production process.”

Although the letter highlights several talents already on board, such as Drew Barrymore and Raven-Symoné, as well as one of the film’s producers, OBB, it does not mention the film’s other production company: Braun’s SB Projects, nor the Braun own. (OBB works closely with Hailey Bieber, who is married to Braun’s most prominent client, Justin Bieber, who is parting ways with Braun as his longtime manager.)

Braun had planned to produce the Hulu documentary with his former client Lovato, as he did on his 2021 doc “Dancing With the Devil,” but his involvement — or, at least, his involvement in the public eye — is murky. . Given Braun’s own name recognition and celebrity status, his omission as an executive producer from the production documents is notable, especially after his split from Lovato.

Reps for Lovato and Braun declined to comment. A Hulu source says Braun retains his executive producer credit on “Child Star.”

Braun and Lovato broke up earlier this summer. The press first reported the “amicable” split on August 21, but it has been learned that Lovato stopped working with Braun a few weeks earlier, in late July or early August. Last week he signed a contract with a new representative. Hulu’s Child Star” was announced in March.

It is common for directors to take producer credits on their client’s projects. But being linked to a project does not necessarily mean active participation.

A contractual obligation could also explain why Bieber has not confirmed his separation from Braun. In other words, on paper, he is still a client, but that does not mean that they are actively working together. On August 22, amid the growing negative press that Bieber and Grande left behind Braun, TMZ reported that Braun’s company, SB Projects, was still, in fact, representing Bieber and Grande, but has “entered a larger role” away from the management. The TMZ report raised eyebrows in the music industry, many insiders say, because it was a well-known misrepresentation of Bieber and Grande’s relationship with Braun. Reps for Bieber and Grande did not respond to requests for comment.

“He’s obsessed with the press. He seemed to have a higher priority spending his time and energy on spin than his artists,” says a source, who worked closely with one of Braun’s clients. “You sign with Scooter, but you don’t own it. Most clients don’t have access to it as much as they want.”

Braun has been doing PR damage control since Puck first reported on Aug. 21 that he and Bieber were breaking up. Since then, Lovato, Grande and Idina Menzel are among those who are in the process of or have already parted ways with Braun. (A source says Menzel and Braun stopped working together last October, long before media attention was reported on Braun.) Sources close to Grande previously confirmed that she is separating from Braun.

A-list stars usually don’t confirm they’ve left a manager until they’ve signed with a new one. But Grande went a step further and apparently unfollowed Braun on Instagram on August 27. Theirs was Fans noted the sudden snub with screenshots showing Braun’s absence from the list of accounts she follows.

Despite the barrage of negative press surrounding Braun, reports of Braun’s fray relationship are being discussed. Puck recently reported that Braun is not on speaking terms with his longtime business partner, Allison Kaye. After being contacted, however, a partner and manager of SB Projects poured cold water on that description.

“Seriously, that’s not true,” says Kaye. “He’s my brother. And I’m not leaving Scooter.”

(Over the years, Kaye has had a profitable relationship with Braun. When HYBE acquired Ithaca Holdings from Braun in 2021 for $1.05 billion, the Korean entertainment giant issued Kaye $5 million worth of company stock.) dollars, according to HYBE’s corporate filings ).

Braun has at least one TV project in the works. Braun and his SB Project are behind Netflix’s upcoming reggaeton comedy series “Neon,” which wrapped production on its eight-episode season on April 28. Braun is said to have been actively involved in the production, visiting the Miami set in March. When Netflix announced details of the project last month, Braun was listed as an executive producer. The premiere of the series is scheduled for October 19.

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