Sazanami Souji ni Shojo wo Sasagu Anime Adaptation Set for 2023 Release

Anime adaptation of Sazanami Souji ni Shojo wo Sasagu manga by Aki Murakami is scheduled to air in Japan in 2023. The anime was announced in March 2021 and will be produced as an original series at AnimeFesta. As part of the announcement, the current two volumes of the manga will be re-released in bookstores in Japan on September 18th of this year.

Sazanami Souji ni Shojo wo Sasagu was first published on the Comic Cmoa website in March 2021. Shueisha published the manga’s first collected volume on February 18th of this year.

The manga, with the full name Sazanami Soshi ni Shojo o Sasagu ~Saa, Jikkuri Ai Demasho ka~, follows the story of a 26-year-old virgin office worker named Nagisa. One day, she decides to go on a trip in order to improve her interactions with others, despite her shyness. During the trip she has a chance to meet a Yakuza member named Sazanami. She begins a relationship with him after they have a one-night stand.

You can watch a short promotional video at Sazanami Souji ni Shojo manga, as uploaded by Murakami himself, who maintains a personal YouTube channel for manga updates:

Sazanami Souji ni Shojo wo Sasagu Manga – Short Promo

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