Sault releases four of his five new albums on streaming services

Sault has recently released four of his five surprise albums on streaming services – you can listen to them all below.

Earlier this month (November 2), the mysterious British bandmates released five new albums simultaneously as a free digital download, all in a password-protected folder that disappeared five days later. The albums are titled ‘(Untitled) Dia’, ’11’, ‘Aiir’, ‘Earth’ and ‘Today & Tomorrow’.

“Here are 5 albums released as an offering to God,” read a message on the mysterious group’s website next to the link to download the albums. msgstr “Available for free download for 5 days. The password to unlock all 5 albums is in the message.”

Now, all albums except ‘(Untitled) Dia’ are available on streaming services. Listen to ’11’, ‘Aiir’, ‘Earth’ and ‘Today & Tomorrow’ via Spotify below.

The album release follows his only full-length project this year, “Air”, which arrived in April. Last month, the group shared a new single, “Angel,” which is 10 minutes long.

Sault first came to prominence in 2019, when they released their first two albums, ‘5’ and ‘7’. They released two more LPs the following year with ‘Untitled (Black Is)’ and ‘Untitled (Rise)’. Last year, they released the album ‘Nine’. Like his new five-album installment, it was available for digital download and streaming for 99 days from its release, until October 2.

Reviewing last year’s LP “Nine”, NME wrote: “Once again, Sault shows the power of words and how powerful music can be. It’s impossible not to have an impact on the stories being told .

“But despite the gloom of ‘Nine,’ Sault instills hope and optimism for a brighter future in his songs. Combined with spinning piano keys, the album’s poignant concluding words offer real security: “Never lose / You can always start . beyond”.

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