Sample of ‘Cross Your Mind’: ‘It has a bit of a London feel to it’

Role Model spoke to NME about her new single ‘Cross Your Mind’ backstage at Reading 2022, explaining that the track has a “London vibe”. Check out our full video interview above.

Released last week (August 26) before Role Model (real name Tucker Pillsbury) headlined the Republic Stage at both festivals, he told NME the song was written to fill a gap in his set list.

“We needed something with that kind of energy, just like sloppy rock and roll shit, which I think we’ve been missing from our set this whole tour,” he said. “So it was perfect and I have a bit of a London vibe in my mind so it was like this perfect [para tocar en Reading & Leeds]it feels good”.

Writing in the middle of the Role Model US tour, he explained that while it usually takes time to publish songs, with this one it was a quick turnaround, as he really wanted to put it on alive.

He added that it could be part of a new era, explaining: “I’m very immature in the way of releasing music, I get bored very quickly. And although the album came out in a month April, I think we’re going to move on. . If it was up to me, I’d have an album every three months, just to keep people’s attention”.

Role Model’s debut album ‘Rx’ came out in April, and she has revealed that she is now writing the follow-up, having “written a major body of work”. When he was on tour it helped him get back in the mood to write music.

“I don’t know what it is, it’s very exciting,” he said. “I think a lot of artists feel the same way, but it shows you what works and what doesn’t, and it makes you want to keep going.”

He also talked about his love for The 1975. After tweeting recently his plan to do his set in Leeds and then rush to see The 1975 on the festival’s main stage, he confirmed that the plan was a success to make it to the last 30 minutes of the band’s set.

“If anyone knows me, I’m The 1975’s biggest fan, Matty Healy’s biggest fan,” he told NME. “Matty is the only singer-songwriter-artist-person I identify with and see myself in,” he explained of his love for the band.

“I love him and also his way of composing, the way he talks and writes is crazy. The other day I went live [en Instagram] talking about it. Now I understand how it is to be a fangirl, and when someone says, ‘Your music got me through something or saved my life,’ I understand now. I understand why people sometimes hear in the front rows, that was me for the thirty minutes we watched them!”

Watch our full interview with Role Model above.

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