Sales of Poor Chain Saw Man hit China’s headlines

Yes, again we came to talk about accumulated sales per Chain Saw Man in his first week. And the amount “1735” is a number that has already become a trend within the anime industry and fans in Japan, since it is the number of physical packages sold.

Opinions are divided today about the impact of physical package sales on the revenue generated by anime franchises. Some say “with streaming, physical sales can be ignored,” but others, including the industry’s own animators, say that the anime industry cannot rely on streaming alone, and that Physical packages are very important direct income.

But the chained man’s cumulative sales trend is no longer just a Japanese issue, as a popular feedback forum reported that the results have even reached the fan community in China.which can be safely considered the second most important market for anime.

  • The topic has already reached the forums of NetEase (163.com), one of the largest Internet service providers in China.

In this article you can find a rather interesting analysis of copies sold, especially comparisons with Bocchi the Rock!, which sold more than 22.8 thousand copies in its first week. Let’s start with a meme:

Chain Saw Man

the manager himself Yamamoto downloadknown for his time i Animation of Kyoto and for works like Lucky Star and Wake Up Girls!comment on:

  • «When I saw the sales numbers for “Chainsaw Man,” I thought, “How did this happen?” And I’ve been thinking about it all day today. I don’t know if that’s the reason or not, but when I found out that the director didn’t allow the voice actors to talk about the play, I was reminded of a certain great director who, as much as you guessed it, gave me . absurd direction: “! That the girls from “Wake Up, Girls!” and “Run, Girls Run!” don’t meet until the recording session!” The idea of ​​”geniuses” is always elusive…»
Chain Saw Man

There is also a very interesting comparison that they mentioned in China, and that is the fact that Chain Saw Man and Bocchi the Rock! Blu-ray/DVD related events are scheduled. Both franchises offer a priority pass to purchase tickets at the event, but they will be held on different dates and locations.

Event of Bocchi the Rock! held on April 23 at the HULIC HALL TOKYOwho have one capacity 886 people. These seats will then be sold by raffle to the fans there’s no way to fit the 25+ thousand people who bought the first Blu-ray/DVD.

On the other hand, the event Chain Saw Man held on May 20 at the TOKYO GARDEN THEATERwho have one capacity 8000 people. Considering the 1,735 copies of the first Blu-ray/DVD sold in the first week, there is not even a need to hold a raffle to sell the tickets, as it would only be filled to 20 percent.

So how does this show up in numbers? Well, fans of Bocchi the Rock! You would only have a 3.5 percent chance of getting the right to buy a ticket to the event, and Chainsaw Man fans could even fill 4.6 spots in the facility.

The Chinese say it themselves, however, Chainsaw Man did well on streaming platforms and it was very popular on foreign platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (yes, it is available in some countries), and With that in mind, it’s not always possible to tell if an anime is good or bad just from physical disc sales.. It was being said that the only way to help anime companies make money directly was to buy physical discs, but since MAPPA did not use the production committee format, one wonders if they have made enough money in other ways.

Finally, the Chinese also mention a unit of measurement, taking Chain Saw Man as a base. This measure does not seem to have a direct translation, since they write it as “龙哥“, and “Dragon” in the first character and “Big Brother” in the second. So, “1 hour“either”1 🐲” equals 1735 (the copies sold by the Chainsaw Man) and all anime sales figures are converted to this unit. You could say they read it as ““x” outsold the Chainsaw Man, perhaps derived from the impressive hype generated before the series premiere. And of course, there was no way to Bocchi the Rock! not mentioned in this.

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