Sailor Moon invites you to experience the universe at the Tokyo space museum

When you talk about it Moon sailor Manga and its anime adaptations are easy to think of as a love story or a magic story for girls. But don’t forget that it’s also a science fiction story. With the features of time travel and many aliens. Thus, one of the most popular anime heroines invites fans to discover the universe through their eyes. The appointment at the TeNQ Space Museum, Suite sa Tokyo dome city.

The Event »Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon × TeNQ Exhibition on Sailor Moon ~ Invited to Earth ~”You will see the series and the characters from an astronomical and mythological point of view. The exhibition will include an area to take pictures with the “Millennium Silver PalaceAs a background. The relationship between the Moon and the Earth in comparison to the world will be described scientifically Moon sailor. One section will focus on the film Moon Sailor S. based on the story in the manga »Lover Princess Kaguya“.

More franchise products

In addition, the museum will sell original stationery products, fashion items, accessories, and even space food. The above merchandise as well as the expensive doll Pullip, also on display.

Tickets go on sale starting November 1st.

The franchise of Moon sailor it recently opened its own store dedicated to merchandise in Harajuku. To mark the 25th anniversary of the original series, Universal Studios Japan new attractions will be dedicated to this franchise for next year. Movie ads are expected Crystal Sailor Moon led Chiaki kon for the following year.

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