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‘Rust’ producers deny security flaws in Halyna Hutchins’ shooting

Rust producers are at loggerheads with an official report that they failed to comply with gun safety prior to filming involving Alec Baldwin.

Last October, the actress was rehearsing a scene for the film when he fired a bullet from a prop gun at the set, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza.

Baldwin claimed the deputy chief told him the gun was “cold,” and the Sante Fe Sheriff’s Department and district attorney are still investigating the shot.

The film’s production company has previously stated that they were “in compliance with all applicable safety protocols,” despite the New Mexico Department of the Environment fining Rust Movie Productions its maximum fine for “serious and willful” failures. ”.

Now, the company responsible for the film has continued to defend its performance, arguing that it was not responsible for overseeing the film series, “much less overseeing specific protocols such as maintenance and arms loading “(according to BBC News).

“The law allows producers to delegate functions as important as the safety of firearms to experts in the field and does not impose that responsibility on the producers, whose experience consists in arranging the financing and contract of the logistics of the shot. , “follows the statement, which states that white cartridge discharges on previous sets, including cast and crew safety briefings, have been” properly addressed “and have not violated firearms safety protocols.

The company also rejected claims that the film’s arranger, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, was “stuck” in her additional role as prop assistant, saying her responsibilities as treasurer were “always at the forefront” and she had plenty of time. to inspect the ammunition, but “it did not work properly.

Gutierrez Reed’s attorneys said the NMED report showed that he “was not given enough time and resources to do his job effectively, despite the concerns he expressed,” and that the agency also found that the production did not call Hannah perform its duties. gunsmith and inspect the firearm immediately before use in the spot without delay with Baldwin. “

They also said: “As we have already said, if someone from the production had called Hannah at the church before the scene to consult her, this tragedy would have been prevented.”


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