Rumors of a third season of One Punch Man

This morning, the popular leaker”SPANKU (@Spanku_u)” posted an update with a GIF on the anime adaptation of the manga written by ONLY and illustrated by Yusuke Murata, One Punch Man. This didn’t mean anything, but when someone asked if the anime’s third season had already been announced, he simply replied, “There is no official announcement yet».

The leaker in question has been successful in several leaks of animation projects, perhaps because he has contacts within the industry or is a member of it (as, for example, a freelance animator). Be that as it may, his real credit is on him One Punch Man caused the public to start theorizing that a third season of the anime adaptation is in production or pre-production.

After all the manager Natsume Shingo Should be done with the anime adaptation of it Yojouhan Time Machine Bluesand other members of the production of the first season, produced by mad housethey would already be free enough to participate. Or maybe JCSTAFF studios will come back?

ONLY he started publishing the manga independently in 2009, and later Yusuke Murata began publishing as manga on the service Tonari no young jump from the publisher Shueisha in June 2012. The drama inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by studios mad house and premiered in October 2015, after which the studios produced a second season of twelve episodes JCSTAFF and released in April 2019.

Summary of One Punch Man

Saitama seems to have a unique hobby that is normal and uninteresting: being a hero. To follow his childhood dream, he trained relentlessly for three years and lost all his hair in the process. Now, Saitama is extremely powerful, so much so that no enemy can defeat him in battle. He is so powerful that he only needs to take one hit to defeat his enemies, because of this he is no longer able to enjoy the thrill of battle and has become boring.

All this changes with the arrival of Genos, a 19-year-old cyborg, who wants to become Saitama’s disciple after seeing what he is capable of. Genos suggests that they both join the Hero Society to become certified heroes who will be recognized for their positive contributions to society, and Saitama, surprised that no one knows who he is, quickly agrees. And so begins the story of One Punch Man, an action comedy that follows an eccentric man who tries to fight powerful enemies who can give him the thrill he once felt and may become very popular him in the process.

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