Ross Kemp Calls ‘Magic: The Gathering’ On Gang Fiction Investigation

Magic: The creator of The Gathering Wizards Of The Coast has shared a video of actor and host Ross Kemp exploring the five crime families featured in the expansion of the card game, Streets Of New Capenna.

Shared by Wizards Of The Coast today (April 22), the video shows Kemp trying to infiltrate a meeting between the leaders of five major gangs from the Magic Universe: The Gathering.

“Join Ross Kemp as he explores the world below New Capenna. He has a goal in mind, but sometimes plans don’t go his way,” said Wizards Of The Coast.

You can watch the video below:

Kemp’s investigation leads to a meeting between the five factions of Magic: The Gathering, and briefly profiles each organization before introducing it to one of them.

In his most recent role, Kemp said: “Streets Of New Capenna is a world inspired by crowdfunding, hard crime fiction and Prohibition America, three themes that have always fascinated me. It was interesting, exciting and entertaining to be a man as part of it and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

The card game is no stranger to high-level collaborators. In 2021, Magic: The Gathering partnered with Post Malone to promote the game’s Friday Night Magic tournaments.

“I’m obsessed with Magic: The Gathering,” Post Malone said, adding that it was a “dream come true” to work on the game and told fans to watch out for some “cool stuff. “

However, yesterday (April 21), Wizards Of The Coast announced that the price of all Magic: The Gathering physical merchandise would be raised.

Citing an increase in production costs, the company said some card games will increase.


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