Rocket League brings back voice chat

Psyonix has announced the return of voice chat Game Rocket League in an update coming out today, May 9th.

Voice chat will be enabled by default for all players after the update. Players can view all available voice channels from the new voice chat tab of the friends list and can switch or leave channels from here. In a voice channel, players with a green speaker icon will appear speaking, or X if muted.

In addition, the following options are available to customize players’ voice chat experience:

  • party chat Great way to talk to friends! Players with voice chat enabled will enter the game voice channel while creating or entering a game. Players will be able to communicate inside and outside of games, as the connection between them continues.
  • Staff Chat – For those who want to talk to their team! Players with voice chat enabled will enter the team voice channel while engaging a team in a match. This connection will automatically terminate when the game ends, and will then restart when you enter a new game.
  • input / output of Voice – These device options are available on PC and allow players to easily switch audio sources, using the streaming microphone or controller headset.
  • chat mode Voice Chat – The default setting for voice chat is open mic so players do not have to press unnecessary buttons when trying to communicate by hitting those double resets. Players who prefer to use the Push-to-Talk mode can enable it in the settings menu. These players will need to attach the PTT button to something that suits them from the Controls tab.
  • Dumb – We also know that everyone uses voice chat in a different way, so players will be able to mute people on their voice channel. This can be done by selecting their names in the Voice Chat and Mute tab.

Game Rocket League now available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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