Roadmap details ‘Total War: Warhammer 3’ 2022 beta Immortal Empires

It has been revealed by the developer Creative Assembly on the. Website Total War 2022 roadmap for the title of your recent strategy Total War: Warhammer 3, with update 1.2 coming as early as May.

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Update 1.2 will focus on community settings and gameplay tweaks, with many visual and gameplay tweaks. These include a bug in which some players get stuck in the Slaanesh arena, snow brightness changes, improvements to unit responsiveness, leaderboard reset, and more.

Regiments of the famous units corresponding to each of the main units in the game will also be available to free owners. In previous titles, these units were included as paid DLC, and while more will be added along with paid DLC in the future, players will be able to pick up the initial units at no additional cost.

Next month’s update will be followed by a 1.3 update between July and September, including another Regiments of Renown unit package as well as more tweaks and fixes, and finally, a 2.0 update.

An update 2.0 may come with a beta for the Immortal Empires mode, which combines maps and factions from all three games. Total War: Warhammer for those who own the trilogy. The DLC pack, Lord Pack 1, will be released along with the update and introduces some new Lords, Lords, Fame and Legendary units.

Finally, there will be a 2.1 update between October and December, ending the third pack of Reputation Regiments. The year will close with update 2.2 or 3.0, and the Creative Assembly promises to focus on Immortal Empires game mode.

The team also notes other areas they plan to work on, such as an updated chat system, but these have no stated date at the time of writing (April 29).

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