Rie Takahashi will sing the opening theme for I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss Anime

Rie Takahashi performs the opening theme song for I’m the villain so I tame the final boss anime. Takahashi also voices the titular villain and the song is titled “Kyokan Sarenakute mo Ii ja Nai.” Ahead of the October 2022 premiere, more additions to the cast have been announced. Studio Maho Film animated the series.

Character designs were also revealed for the new cast additions, which include:

  • Yuma Uchida as Isaac Lombard
  • Hiroki Yasumoto as Jasper Vary
  • Takuto Yoshinaga as Donnie
  • Shinichiro Kamio as Cancer
  • Yu Miyazaki as Quartz

The previously announced main cast for I’m the villain so I tame the final boss the anime has Rie Takahashi as Aileen Lauren Dautriche and Yuichirou Umehara as Claude Jeanne Elmir. Jun Fukuyama voices Keith Eigrid, Yuki Ono is Belzebuth, Kana Hanazawa is Lilia Rainworth, Tomokazu Sugita is Almond, and Toshiki Masuda voices Cedric Jeanne Elmir.

The anime is based on a light novel series written by Sarasa Nagase and illustrated by Mai Murasaki. It has been serialized since September 2017 under the title Kadokawa Beans Bunko. A manga adaptation with art by Anko Yuzu aired from June 2018 to August 2019 on Kadokawa’s Comp Ace.

Yen Press has licensed botha light novelandmangaseries in English describing the plot as:
Avoid the bad ending at all costs! When her fiance breaks up with her in front of the entire student body, noblewoman Aileen d’Autriche is devastated – or would be, if it weren’t for the exact moment her past life memories came flooding back! Turns out she’s been reincarnated as a dating simulator villain… and according to the story, she’s scheduled to die at the hands of the Demon King in three months! But Eileen already has a plan: Step one, make the Demon King Claude fall in love with her. Step two, live!

Check out the anime trailer below:

source: Official Twitter
©Sarasa Nagase, Mai Murasaki / KADOKAWA / Akuyaku Reijo Nanodi Production Committee 2022

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