Re:Zero: Emilia was ‘less pure’ in the early stages of the novel

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, the franchise is popular Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re: Zero – Starting a Life in Another World) is known for emerging from a series of light novels. However, the story is actually born from a series of independent web novels that the author, nagatsuki tapestrypublished through the service Shoutsuka and Narou from 2012. This written story is still being published until now, well ahead of the publication of the paper.

However, When translating a web novel to a light novel on paper, there are usually many changes that come from the publisher that publishes the work., by editor-in-chief. This editor reads the author’s original manuscript and adds some suggested (but really necessary) changes to keep the content of the story in a certain demographic or fix details of the story that the author may have missed .

Those details are what the Twitter user mentioned “@LoremIpsumVerb“, which indicated that the character of Emily he was more open about his sexuality, which he mentioned in one of the conversations in the early story arcs. The user wrote:

  • «In the original web novel, Emilia was portrayed in a very different way than she is now. To the point, in one scene, she mentioned that she was willing to do anything for Subaru to help her in the first story arc, even hinting that she could offer him sexual services.».

It sounds quite unbelievable, but it is true. Flashback to the ninth chapter of the second arc of the original web novelwe get the following:

  • Emily: Yes you are right. You were a great help to me, James. So much so that saving my life is not enough to describe it. So… you can ask me anything.
  • Suburb: Hey?
  • Emily: If I can do it, then I will do it. Error, no, I’ll do my best. Because what you gave me means a lot to me.
  • (Omitted)
  • Suburb: Hey, a girl can’t say she’ll do “anything”, you know? Maybe you will turn into a bad guy like me who wants to … Good!
  • Emily: Still, it’s okay. If that’s what you want to do, Subaru, I’ll play along. You can go to “mwahaha”, “fuhfuhfuh”, or even if it’s something like “umph-umph”.

Naturally, this piece of information drew comments from fans, who wrote:

  • «I wonder what Tappei will think of this terrifying, irredeemable and unfathomable piece of writing.».
  • «People barely get to experience the original versions of Subaru and Emilia, and instead get the editor-reviewed versions».
  • «I don’t believe it? What does that make you? He’s supposed to be innocent, the way I read it, it’s a misunderstanding, and Subaru has no idea how innocent he is, right?».
  • «If it was another series, I wouldn’t mind if this was included last, but the beauty that Re:Zero brings to its characters is lacking in that kind of interaction. Anyway, if you want sex, read the “Lust IF”».
  • «I’m glad that didn’t happen. Imagine how bad Emilia’s character would have been unplayed if Tappei had gone with that cliché. Emilia is without a doubt one of my favorite women and I’m thankful that the author didn’t decide to “tell a very disturbing story”».
  • «Thank God it was removed. Anyway, I don’t think it’s as bad as they want to make it look».
  • «To be fair, this was in the early parts of the Re:Zero novel and Tappei probably wasn’t that serious yet. And Emilia still doesn’t know what sex it is?».
  • «When reading the first web novel, keep in mind that this is a story he wrote for fun, with no expectation of making money. Also, it usually takes a writer a while to find his style.».

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